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Download Web Filter for Squid

Get latest stable version that contains new categorization database and integrated Internet Watch Foundation block list.

Next version of Web Safety will contain support for integration with Cisco ASA firewalls/routers using WCCP protocol and ability to automatically syncronize configuration among several filtering nodes. Development builds for various platforms including virtual appliance are already available for download.
Operating System Comments x86_64 Package
Ubuntu  Ubuntu Installs on Ubuntu Linux 16 LTS.

Download DEB

RedHat  RedHat (CentOS) 7 Installs on most deriviatives of RedHat Linux version 7, including CentOS 7.

Download RPM

RedHat  Debian 8 Installs on Debian 8 (Jessie).

Download DEB

FreeBSD  FreeBSD 10 Installs on FreeBSD version 10 (PfSense 2.3).

Download TXZ

Raspberry PI  Raspberry PI 2 Installs on Raspbian 8 Jessy for Raspberry PI 2 running on ARM.

Download DEB

If you are running VMware vSphere in your network the easiest way to see Web Safety in action is to get the virtual appliance based on Ubuntu 16 LTS or CentOS 7.