Diladele B.V.

Licensing is based on total number of filtered devices in your network. Each device is assumed to have a separate IP address. Please select the corresponding license based on the number of IP addresses you need to filter and click "Add to Card". If you represent a school or another educational institution it may be advisable to get the academic license.

If you have a business license and need the invoice for your payment please contact support@diladele.com. Please share the full name of your company, your postal address and registered VAT number if you are located in the European Union.

  Free Trial Personal SOHO Small Businesses Academic/Educational Enterprise
License Fee Please ask for trial at support@diladele.com. Please note the installation packages contain outdated trial key!


29.99 € per year (up to 7 filtered devices).* Please note, Active Directory integrated filtering is disabled in this license! 199 € per year (up to 25 filtered devices). 299 € per year (up to 50 filtered devices). 499 € per year (per 1000 devices).** Contact support@diladele.com to get the actual Sale Quotation based on the number of filtered devices.

* According to the tax law of The Netherlands we must assume you are making this purchase as Dutch national and we must impose 21% Value Added Tax (VAT) on the final price. If you need personal license for more than 7 filtered devices, just get two licenses and indicate in the special instuctions to the seller in PayPal checkout form you need one license with doubled number of devices.

** If the number of filtered devices/users in your academic institution is more than 1000 we would like to kindly ask you to contact support@diladele.com for a sale quote.