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Web Safety for Squid proxy is an ICAP web filter that integrates with Squid proxy installed in your network. It is used to block illegal and potentially malicious file downloads, remove annoying advertisements, prevent access to various categories of web sites and block resources with explicit content.

Filter SSL Encrypted HTTPS Web Traffic

Web Safety is an ICAP server integrated with Squid Web Proxy. This deployment scheme allows for extended filtering and deep inspection of SSL encrypted web traffic. With properly configured Squid and client certificates in the browsers HTTPS enabled sites are filtered and prohibited content is blocked just like normal HTTP. Other widely available open source web filtering solutions like Dansguardian or SquidGuard lack this functionality.

Filter Groups of Users Based on Microsoft Active Directory

Web Safety for Squid Proxy lets you organize your proxy users into groups and assign different levels of strictness of web filtering to them ensuring maximum protection without losing flexibility. Users can be put into groups based on their IP address range, subnets or user name or security group in Microsoft Active Directory. Each group gets its own filtering exceptions and blocking rules. Default deployment contains predefined strict, relaxed and other groups most suitable for most homes, small offices or small and medium educational networks. Any domain, web site, URL, IP address, address range or subnet may be excluded from web filtering settings of any group.

Block Pornography and Explicit (Adult) Contents

Web Safety for Squid Proxy blocks myriad of known adult only sites and domains. The product also performs deep content inspection of all web pages and blocks any page containing adult or explicit language and links to questionable content. Even web sites that are usually considered as not harmful (like Google Search, Yahoo, Bing or YouTube) are filtered and all inappropriate content is blocked. Advanced heuristics module scans external web links and denies access to everything that might pose a security threat.

Block File Downloads

Web Safety for Squid Proxy controls files downloaded using all modern browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. It may block retrieval of inappropriate and potentially dangerous files from the Internet, including illegal and pirated MP3 music, videos, potentially harmful scripts, executables, archives and torrents. It prohibits file retrieval by contents (audio/video/applications), real file types, file names, character sets, transfer encodings and URL regular expressions. File blocking saves internet bandwidth preventing access to extremely large files like *.iso, disk images and pictures.

Control Web Usage by Categories

Web Safety for Squid Proxy blocks access to web sites with inappropriate contents by more than 50 categories (dating, nudity, gambling, explicit adult content, gaming and others). Definition files with categories are regularly updated. The product can ensure compliance of visited web sites with RTA (restricted to adults) self-labeling system (http://www.rtalabel.org). Group based web filtering allows for blocking of different categories for different groups, for example - block all adult content for students and block only excessive ads for teachers and IT.

Remove Annoying Web Ads

The product removes annoying web advertisements and most flash banners on any web site and in any browser automatically without the need to install additional browser plugins. You may now forget about all those distracting pre-roll introductory ads on YouTube. At the same time if you wish to support ad-driven community web sites and sites you personally love by actually viewing the ads - just add them to the exclusion list. Those who use well known AdBlock (Plus) addin for Firefox or Chrome may now enjoy a comparable level of ad filtering on all networked devices (including all Apple devices like iPads and iPhones).

Protect Online Privacy

You are certainly aware of the fact that tracking your personal browsing habits is a serious web business right now. A myriad of companies try to sniff what you are doing, which sites you are visiting and what you are buying. Web Safety for Squid Proxy returns the control of your online exposure back to your hands by blocking well known tracking networks, privacy exposing scripts and behavioral data trackers.

Works for Every Device in Your Network

Filter and monitor web access of all your networked devices - desktops, smartphones (including Apple devices) and tablets. Web Safety for Squid Proxy controls web sites viewed with all modern browsers, including (but not limited to) all current and future versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. You can use any browser you want and still stay automatically protected. You may even gain additional control over other (non browser) applications that might also need to be filtered.

Ease of Setup and Maintenance

Precompiled binary packages for most Linux based distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, CentOS as well as FreeBSD and pfSense are provided on our web site. Steps to integrate Web Safety with Squid proxy utilizing ICAP protocol are very simple. Product performs automatic updates of definition files and categories. Plain text based configuration files can be edited with any text editor, making backups of product settings a breeze.

High Performance and Low Hardware Requirements

Excellent performance and low memory footprint of the application makes it ideally suited for deployments in virtual environments such as VMware vSphere or Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V. Most web filtering is done directly in memory in order to reduce I/O disk usage and improve overall system performance. Web monitoring logs can be completely switched off to further reduce server load and unnecessary consumption of CPU and disk space.