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Unfortunately the trial key built in into the installation packages and virtual appliance for 4.8 has expired. Please request your free trial key at support@diladele.com.

Web Safety ICAP web filter 4.8 and Squid 3.5
Deploy on VMware vSphere (ESXi 5+)

Virtual Appliance (CentOS 7) Virtual Appliance (Ubuntu 16)

Download the Virtual Appliance

Select virtual platform you are using in your data center and download the zip file. It is recommended to use virtual appliance based on Ubuntu 16 LTS as most tested one. Unpack the zip file before continuing.

Open Virtual Appliance

Deploy OVF template of Virtual Appliance in your VMware vSphere (ESXi). Check network settings of the Virtual Appliance and boot it up.

Point your browsers to Virtual Appliance

Set up your internet browser to use the proxy at the IP address of the Virtual Appliance and port 3128. The currently assigned IP address shall be printed on the console of virtual machine. The virtual machine has a DHCP configured IP address by default.

Surf to Your Favorite Web Sites

Try surfing the web by directing your browser to favorite web sites. See how filtering automatically works in your all browsers, network devices, smartphones and tablets. Point your browser to http://<IP Address of VA> to monitor web access, view filtering statistics and look through browsing reports.

  • 4 GB memory, 50 GB hard disk, 1 network interface card (bridged) with DHCP assigned IP address.
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system (x64 platform).
  • Root account with the following name/password credentials: "root" and "Passw0rd" (without quotation marks).
  • Squid proxy caching server version 3.5.23 with enabled ICAP support, HTTPS enabled filtering, sha256 SSL certificate mimicking listening on local network interface on port 3128.
  • Web Safety for Squid Proxy version 4.8 configured to block most child inappropriate web contents and advertisements. Browse to http://<IP Address of VA> to get access to Web Administrator Console.